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Coaching and Mentoring for Top- and Middle- Management

  • Personality and self management
  • Shaping leadership skills
  • Delegation
  • Faster and better Decision
  • Developing and shaping of leadership skills
  • Self- and Employee Motivation
  • Employee satisfaction improvement
  • Soft Skills
  • Attrition Reduction
  • Stress Reduction in business and private life

Consulting - Team Work, Quality Improvement, BPO Building and Developing

  • How to improve team work?
  • How to motivate and engage employees at each level in the organization?
  • Culture change
  • How to tweak total rewards to increase the productivity?
  • Strong knowledged in BPO Environment in Poland starting with site selection, hiring and train of agents, through building career development program, benefit and total reward system including motivation bonus scheme but also building robust recruiting process and training program.
  • Attrition reduction

Process improvement - Value Stram Mapping, Six Sigma, FMEA

  • Training in Value Stream Mapping and FMEA
  • Process improvement in the use of the lean tools


  • Soft skills
  • Transfer from professional to manager
  • Transfer from manager to become open minded leader